Weezer Fan

I’m a fairly big Weezer fan, and I want to say I like it when a guy is too. But what’s that? You like Blue album more than Pinkerton? And you like it enough to argue about it? Deal breaker. I know it probably shouldn’t be, but I can’t help it. It’s probably a sign of deeper underlying issues anyway.

Oh Deer

I went out with a guy once that when he picked me up for a date, the dead deer he’d shot and killed earlier that day was still laying in the back of his truck. WTF?!

Camera Phone Picture

Any guy who wears a silver chain and cross…or any guy that has even one picture of themselves in the mirror with a camera phone or a camera….DEAL BREAKER!!!!

Car Lover

I once went on a date where the guy picked me up in his car and 3 miles down the road we ran out of gas. He asked me to walk to the gas station because he didn’t want to leave his car behind. It didn’t matter that he wanted to leave me alone…in the pitch black….on a desolate road. When I refused, he asked that I get out and push the car while he steered.

Idiot, Cheater, AND Liar

So I’m talking to a friend of a friend on facebook. She says she really likes me and we start exchanging interests, dislikes, etc, and really hitting it off. Same music likes, same favorite foods, things like that. I casually mention I’m really into gaming and skateboarding. She emphatically replies that she is too. “Whoa, I’ve found the coveted ‘amazingly cool girl’” I think to myself. Let’s test this though… I ask her what games she plays most. She says to me “Call of Duty, but only a couple times with my boyfriend”. The one game I can’t stand to play… Just my luck. I can live with that though, right? “What kind of skate tricks can you do? What kind of board do you use?” I ask, trying to move away from the CoD topic. She doesn’t have a clue what I’m talking about. Turns out her idea of being a skater is having watched Viva la Bam once, also with her boyfriend… Idiot, cheater, AND liar? -Deal breakers

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Smell My Fingers

I talked to this girl for about 2 weeks, and she came over my house to hang out. When my mom introduces herself to her as Mrs so and so, she asks what her first name was. Weird. We then get away from my parents and start talking for awhile. Out of nowhere she says “So I’m pretty much obsessed with you now.” We talked for 2 WEEKS!. But that wasn’t the worst part. In the middle of conversing, she sticks her hand in her pants, takes her hand out, and smells her fingers. She then says “Sometimes I like to stick my fingers in holes in my body and smell them…..” I literally wanted to die.

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I Am Not a Porn Star

I met a guy online and we had hung out a few times. One night, I told him I was going to a local night club with a friend and he said he’d meet me there. When he finally arrived, 3 hours after he said he’d be there, he texted me and told me to meet him at the front because he couldn’t get in. Why? Because he came with no money. I had to pay for him AND his friend to get in. The two of them spent most of the night at the bar…buying drinks with money they didn’t have? On top of that, afterwards, all of us went back to my apartment. My friend ended up leaving and once it was just the three of us, he asked me if we could have sex and his friend could watch. I AM NOT A PORN STAR. Deal breaker.

The Late Night Calls

A guy that I dated called his mother every night before he/we went to bed. Deal breaker.

The Lazy Bum

I drove 4 hours to meet a guy I had met online on a dating site. He seemed great, I loved that we shared the same ideas on dating and relationships.We had a great connection.He made me feel really awesome. He was cute in photos, and in person, but when I arrived at his house for a weekend, I realized there was more to his story than meets the eye. He had no job (but was able to find ME a job if I wanted to move there) no car, no license. (He told me he wasn’t “into” cars and driving, but the truth is, he got his license taken away from him for having drug paraphernalia in his car) He also was on food stamps (because he said he “deserved” it), and his fridge was completely empty so I starved the whole time I was there. His entire house was filthy, with giant dust balls and hair everywhere. Everything smelled like BO and unwashed butt. The heat never shut off so he sweat constantly and stunk to no end. Everything I wore, including my skin and hair smelled like it when I came home. His breath smelled like poop ( literally) and he would walk around in the morning with a VERY small boner wearing just his boxers. When I got home and told him it wouldn’t work out between us because of his lifestyle choices, he flipped out, accused me of calling him lazy and told me my standards were too high. Deal breaker.

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The Redhead Vibe

I was on a second date with a guy, and we had just started to kiss and make out. Without any warning at all, the guy stuffs his entire hand into my bra and starts to grope my breast. I pull back and tell him that I’m not quite ready to get that physical, as it’s only our second date (and this was in high school so I was still a virgin). The guy seems taken aback and then, sort of sadly, said, “Damn…I thought you had this awesome slutty redhead vibe.” To which my reply is, “Do you really think it’s a good idea to refer to me as a slut when you’re trying to get some? Has that ever worked?” Deal breaker.